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Honor a Caregiver

Join us and recognize a compassionate Dartmouth Health caregiver. During our annual Honor a Caregiver campaign, you can share a tribute and gift to appreciate any caregiver in our Dartmouth Health community – an attentive nurse, a thorough doctor, a kind receptionist, or a family member who is always there. The 2024 campaign runs during the month of March.

Honor a Caregiver

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I was immediately and immensely touched by the honor. For a patient to stop in the busyness of a visit to the medical center (and all that it means) and take a moment to read, consider and jot a name down, not to mention my name, is heartwarming and notable.

Jill Brooker, RN
Rheumatology Research Nurse
Jill Brooker, RN

Knowing and seeing that our care results in improved lives of our patients is the principal reward of a career in medicine. Whenever a recipient of that care goes out of their way to express their appreciation and gratitude, it serves to renew that sense of purpose, remind us that we are, truly, making a difference.

Kevin F. Kwaku, MD, PhD, FACC
Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology
Kevin F. Kwaku, MD, PhD, FACC