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Helping today’s students become tomorrow’s health care leaders

Students at the Geisel School of Medicine share a passion for improving the lives of others. Your gift will be a crucial assist in their journey.

Roshini Pinto-Powell, MD, a professor of medicine and of medical education at Geisel and vice chair of clinical affairs in the Department of Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center examines a patient's eyes while three medical students look on.


of Geisel’s 400 MD students receive scholarship support


medical education debt for half of the graduating students in 2021


annual scholarship funding given by Geisel, but much more is needed


Sometimes my educational debt feels crippling. Knowing that there are alumni who care and help support me through scholarships makes a huge difference."

Arun Ponshunmugam ’21 (D ’17)
of Jacksonville, Florida, plans to work at the intersection of global health, social entrepreneurship, and medicine
Medical student Arun Ponshunmugam, wearing his white coat.

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Nurturing mental health and resiliency

Geisel provides free, confidential counseling, mental health screening, and resiliency training tailored to students’ schedules and needs. Through these programs, made possible by donors, Geisel students are learning to recognize the signs of stress-related mental health issues in themselves and others. Most importantly, they are gaining the skills and support they need to thrive now and throughout their careers.

Abstract illustration of two people standing back-to-back. Inside the head of the person on the right is a puzzle piece.

Advancing equity, unlocking opportunities

You can help create a more equitable and enriching learning environment by making a gift to the Underrepresented in Medicine (URM) Student Support Services Fund. Students from racial, ethnic, and other identity groups that are underrepresented and/or disadvantaged often face special challenges in medical school and graduate programs.

Two young men, both Geisel students, stand smiling in front of a colorful mural.

You can make dreams come true: Give to scholarships

Whatever sparks one’s passion for medicine, scholarships can turn dreams into reality. Four students tell their stories of why they want to be physicians.

Karissa LeClair, Geisel Class of '21, speaks in front of an ambulance.

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