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Help us change lives through cutting-edge medical research and health care innovations

Working together across disciplines, Geisel and Dartmouth Health investigators are turning bold ideas into new approaches to patient care. Our discoveries are improving health and healthcare locally, nationally, and internationally.

Two researchers examine a specimen in a laboratory.

A Personalized Healthcare Revolution

The future of healthcare promises a personalized touch that extends beyond the physical walls of a doctor's office. Dartmouth Health and Geisel School of Medicine innovators are leading that revolution.

Brock Christensen, PhD (right) and Christine Gunn, MA, PhD (left)

A Hub for High-Impact Science

Geisel’s Lung Biology Center brings together more than 200 scientists, physicians, and trainees to advance the understanding and treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) and other chronic lung diseases. Discoveries made by our center have led to new medications and treatments. A quality improvement initiative begun here increased the life expectancy of people living with CF by at least five years.

A young investigator sits in front of a microscope with his mentor by his side.

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We’re creating a seamless biomedical research enterprise that spans Dartmouth Health, Geisel, and Dartmouth College. Patients will benefit from the passion and expertise of investigators and clinicians from many disciplines working together.”

Steven L. Bernstein, MD
Chief Research Officer, Dartmouth Health; Associate Dean of Clinical Research, Geisel; Director, C. Everett Koop Institute at Geisel
Steven L. Bernstein, MD, Chief Research Officer, Dartmouth Health; Associate Dean of Clinical Research, Geisel

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