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Create a healthier, more equitable world

Together, we can overcome health care disparities in our region and around the world. Your gift will help build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic community and health care system.

Student Christa Kuck in front of Good Neighbor Health Clinic


years difference in life expectancy between high-income and low-income towns in New Hampshire


of U.S. doctors identify as Black, compared with 13% of the overall U.S. population


number of countries where Dartmouth’s Center for Health Equity has longstanding partnerships

Health equity means . . .

Giving all people a chance at optimal health regardless of where they are born, where they live, the color of their skin, and how much money they have. Our academic medical community is advancing health equity through research and programs focused on students, patients, employees, and communities.

In 2018, Geisel medical student Patrick Tolosky worked in the Andean region of Peru to create a catalog of traditional botanical medicine for the Q’eros people.

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To be effective in our global health work, we are radically shifting our language, attitudes, and practices to build equitable partnerships. This becomes particularly important when we collaborate across a great income divide."

Lisa V. Adams, MD
Director, Center for Health Equity at Dartmouth
Lisa V. Adams, MD

Center for Health Equity Dartmouth College & Geisel School of Medicine

At Dartmouth, we cultivate long-term, equitable relationships with partners in underserved communities in the U.S. and worldwide. Together with our partners in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kosovo, Peru, and many other locations, we are advancing health equity and training tomorrow’s global health leaders.

Center for Health Equity

Equity & inclusion at the Geisel School of Medicine

Students from racial, ethnic, and other identity groups that are underrepresented often face special challenges in medical school. Donors can help Geisel provide greater support and opportunities to these students, to help ensure an equitable and enriching learning environment for all.

Four medical students wearing their white coats walk down the hall of a hospital.

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